What A Bad Bankruptcy Lawyer Looks Like

If you wish to file for bankruptcy, it is highly advisable that you hire a competent bankruptcy attorney instead of filing for bankruptcy by yourself. But as in any profession, there are good bankruptcy attorneys and there are bad ones. A good bankruptcy attorney is a dream to work with but a bad one…well, let’s just say you will wish you never met him.

Here’s what a bad bankruptcy attorney looks like:
1. Exorbitant fees
If the attorney charges sky high fees, it should raise a red flag with you. But that does not mean you should hire the cheapest lawyer in town. Most times, you get what you pay for. Attorneys who bank on undercutting their rates just to secure the most number of clients will not be able to give you the
necessary attention your case needs. The best thing to do would be to do some due diligence on what the general rates are among most bankruptcy attorneys and if you find one that is either way above or below the norm, you should avoid him or her.
2. Hidden fees
When discussing your case with the bankruptcy attorney, be sure to bring up the question of fees and ask him or her to explain a breakdown of the fees. You have a right to question what every charge is for. And you should avoid bankruptcy attorneys who are not upfront with how much they will charge you.
3. Pushy attorneys
If you come across a bankruptcy attorney who seems pushy and wants you to sign a contract as quickly as possible without giving you enough time to go through it, you should be wary of him or her. It is legally required of all bankruptcy attorneys to outline all parts of a contract to you so that you thoroughly understand it before you sign the dotted line.

4. Incompetent attorneys
Bankruptcy can sometimes get rather complicated. So if an attorney does not have enough experience handling bankruptcy cases, it would be better if you look for someone else. In your research, ask the attorney about his or her past cases. Look up his referrals of past clients and look through his credentials in independent attorney rating services like avvo.com.
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